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Re: Can I have an account for CVS?


> I've seen your i18n document (a coupla weeks ago) and it's very good.
> I think maybe it needs less theoretical stuff, more stress and
> pointers on working with upstream efforts such as the "Translation
> Project" <http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard/po/HTML/>, and more
> concrete tips about how to go about doing i18n etc.

I understand what you'd like to say.  I agree the document has
too long introduction and too little concrete examples.  However,
my main interest is to provide what is needed to handle multibyte
characters to those who live in the world of 1byte characters,
who, I guess, are the majority of Debian developers.

OK, I'll add a section on "Translation Project".

> Anyhow, I'd be pleased to add your stuff to the DDP CVS area.  Pretty
> soon, this should have a pretty "official" presence under
> www.debian.org itself (and not in Oliver's home dir!).
> Anyhow, if you have an account on va.debian.org you are already there.
> If not, use my PGP public key (included, and in the developer's
> keyring) to crypt me a user/password combo.

Thank you very much!  That's nice. :-) I hope many peolple in Debian 
will contribute this document.  BTW, I am not a member of Debian yet, 
though I have sent an apprication to new-maintainers several months 
ago.  (I have been a member of Debian JP Project for more than a year.) 
Is it OK for me to have an account for CVS?

Anyhow, I'll send a user/password.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.or.jp>

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