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Re: [RFC]Proposal for CBT type Linux intro (fwd)

On 13 Sep 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> Jor-el <jorel@marvin.megadodo.umb> writes:
> > Aarrgh! Wrong address!
> Argh.  Late reply.
	Thanks for the reply. I've been on the road myself, the past two
weeks and can catch up with my personal email only on weekends, so I know
how it goes...

> > 	I dont know if this is a common thing in the windows
world, but
> > certainly on IBM desktop machines (Win9x or OS/2), the first time a PC is
> > brought up, there is a CBT (optional) presented to the user to learn more
> > about the OS. The topics covered are navigation, and common tasks. This is
> > a proposal for the Debian/Linux equivalent. Essentially, it would present
> > the contents of the Debian Tutorial that is now being worked on.
> > 
> > 	First things first : does anyone know of an existing app that does
> > this? If so, let me know.
> gnome has some stuff which works.  Use of HTML or simple XML (like the
> simplified docbook) would seem to be a natural for this sort of thing.
Do you know the name of the program that does this? I'd like to evaluate
it and refine my ideas.

> > 	The basic implementation should have the following properties :
> > 
> > 1.  Graphical.
> Yes -- I would say, not bound to any display system fundamentally.
> > 2.  Provide info on navigation (the OS), basic concepts, and common tasks.
> > Have information on how to find out about advanced tasks.
> Kinda like a Newbie User Guide ?  I don't know if there are others
> competitors.  You should work a little harded to identify exactly who
> you're intended audience is, and what their needs are.  We are all
> pretty technical here, so generally, you should have a newbie you are
> working closely with when writing it (so they can read it and ask
> questions).

The intended audience is definitely a newbie who doesnt know how to spell
Linux. Your idea of collaborating with a newbie is definitely a good one.
Fortunately in my case, that is easy : I'm married to one.

> > 3.  Capable of providing a simulated shell environment where the newbie
> > can try out commands without damaging the system. (A chroot'd shell on
> > /tmp?).
> Huh... yeah, you could do that.  Just use the user's shell, in
> restricted shell mode of bash?
> > 4.  Capable of being maintained easily. This probably means that it would
> > be a good thing to have it sync up with the Debian Tutorial easily.
> The Debian Tuturoial, according to Havoc, is now obsoleted by the
> Debian Guide.  But even so, you should be able to use an HTML system
> and link around pretty deeply with the guide (which already has a
> debian pacakge).  Or, low tech, just copy and paste a bunch.

	This is good info. Thanks a bunch


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