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Re: [RFC]Proposal for CBT type Linux intro (fwd)

Jor-el <jorel@marvin.megadodo.umb> writes:

> Aarrgh! Wrong address!

Argh.  Late reply.

> 	I dont know if this is a common thing in the windows world, but
> certainly on IBM desktop machines (Win9x or OS/2), the first time a PC is
> brought up, there is a CBT (optional) presented to the user to learn more
> about the OS. The topics covered are navigation, and common tasks. This is
> a proposal for the Debian/Linux equivalent. Essentially, it would present
> the contents of the Debian Tutorial that is now being worked on.
> 	First things first : does anyone know of an existing app that does
> this? If so, let me know.

gnome has some stuff which works.  Use of HTML or simple XML (like the
simplified docbook) would seem to be a natural for this sort of thing.

> 	The basic implementation should have the following properties :
> 1.  Graphical.

Yes -- I would say, not bound to any display system fundamentally.

> 2.  Provide info on navigation (the OS), basic concepts, and common tasks.
> Have information on how to find out about advanced tasks.

Kinda like a Newbie User Guide ?  I don't know if there are others
competitors.  You should work a little harded to identify exactly who
you're intended audience is, and what their needs are.  We are all
pretty technical here, so generally, you should have a newbie you are
working closely with when writing it (so they can read it and ask

> 3.  Capable of providing a simulated shell environment where the newbie
> can try out commands without damaging the system. (A chroot'd shell on
> /tmp?).

Huh... yeah, you could do that.  Just use the user's shell, in
restricted shell mode of bash?

> 4.  Capable of being maintained easily. This probably means that it would
> be a good thing to have it sync up with the Debian Tutorial easily.

The Debian Tuturoial, according to Havoc, is now obsoleted by the
Debian Guide.  But even so, you should be able to use an HTML system
and link around pretty deeply with the guide (which already has a
debian pacakge).  Or, low tech, just copy and paste a bunch.

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