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Re: proposal for managing man pages in CVS

>In article <[🔎] oag10ipeam.fsf@burrito.onshore.com>
> adam@onshore.com (Adam Di Carlo) writes:

>> NABETANI Hidenobu <nabetani@kern.phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp> writes:

>> > I propose that Debian-specific man pages should be managed in CVS,
>> > which has the following good feature:
>> > 
>> >   * Of course, many good feature of CVS.
>> >   * The package maintainers can easily get the translated man pages
>> >     for their packages.
>> > 
>> > I have already translated some Debian-specific man pages to Japanese.
>> > To maintain them up-to-date and easily commit them to the maintainer,
>> > they should be managed in CVS, I think.

>> We have no authority to dictate to maintainers how they should go
>> about managing their own sources.  I can only say that we freely offer
>> use of cvs.debian.org for any debian project -- I think this helps
>> translators of the developers-reference, boot-floppies, and other
>> various DDP documentations.

>I suppose that nabetani's proposal is not to dictate to maintainers,
>but to provide the integrated working place for translators.
>Of course, if the source for package is managed by CVS, and if the translators 
>can get the account to access there, it is welcome for the translators.

We already provide the DDP CVS area.  What else can we do?

>But if it is not the choice by the maintainers, it may be better 
>to gather the work of translators from all over the world into one
>integrated place that to split them scattered, becuase it may reduce
>the work for the maintainers when he decide to update their translated
>manpages. He can do it simply by getting current translated version
>from the CVS. If he put his new original manpages into that CVS, then 
>the translators will work for his upcoming new version. The maintainers
>does not need to import the whole of his source code into CVS.
>Or Do I have misunderstand ? Please tell me if I have. Thanks.

No, you don't misunderstand, I'm just pointing out we already have
this infrastructure available.  What's next is just to maybe setup a
new module -- I'd be happy to set one up for you in
cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-doc if you like -- and convince maintainers
to use it if they want to.

I object to any attempt to *require* this practice however.

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