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self-appointment to DDP leaders

I'd like to self-appoint myself to taking Oliver's place (with his
blessing) as the Debian Documentation Project leader.  It's not a role
I really am dying to take, so if anyone has objections or other
nominations, please put them forward!

I hope to accomplish, with your help, the following:

  * revitalize needed but languishing manuals (the sysadmin guide
    comes to mind)

  * ease the flow of DDP materials into www.debian.org (proposal

  * push for standards for documenters, esp. where this helps
    translators and localizers get their work done

  * elminate forked efforts, work closely with the LDP and other groups

I think the DDP website is still a useful clearinghours for nascent
and in-process documentation, but I don't really see any need to use
it as a distribution point for released documentation (that should go
to www.debian.org, and/or be packaged).

I really could use some recruits to help with the day to day
maintenance of the manual status areas, as well as helping me with the
developers-reference, the boot-floppies documentation (install manual,
release notes).

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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