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Re: Tempo (fwd)

On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 08:00:54PM +0100, Oliver Elphick wrote:
> Can someone reply to this, please?

I'm not sure if I am the right person to answer, but then again,
perhaps nobody is. Who indeed is responsible for Debian Documentation?

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> Subject: Tempo
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> Debian Documentation is too slow.
> Why?

It seems writing the documentation is very low priority and not
valued. In my opinion, good documentation is what makes a Linux
distribution truly excellent. 

> GNU wants people to use the distribution but is unable to provide =
> distribution specific information.
> Why?
> And where can I find Info on how to install, configure, etc. new =
> packages/programs on Debian???  The documents on 'dpkg' are atrociously =
> verbose and technical.

The Debian installation manual is thorough, so it is indeed very
long. My guess is that 90% of the installation manual is unnecessary
stuff for most people installing on Intel PC clones, so the original
question does have a valid point. 

But the documentation on how to install, configure etc. does exist
for Debian, so the three questionmarks ??? are a little too harsh. 

> All I want to know is how to install/uninstall programs without making a =
> mess.
> Any help?

Reading the dselect instructions is the right thing to do. These are
available on the installation CD, or from Debian web page. The web
pages contain also other information which is usuful for new Debian

> Please reply to bwarsing@intergate.bc.ca

Tapio Lehtonen
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