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Proposal for documentation

The Debian Documentation project seems to be progressing really
slow. Could we do the following things. 

1) Set up the DDP CVS so that all Debian developers can use it. This
way perhaps DDP gets more contributors. 

2) Engourage maintainers of packages with system administration
fuction to provide usage notes, for example to the System
Administrators Manual. 

3) Give more coolness points to those unfortunate souls who write

I am going to start working on the Debian System Administrators manual 
again, I have collected some notes on stuff to write. I am also
prepared to accept contributions and write it up in the manual. 

Are there any plans to move to DocBook? I have not seen anything on
this subject during the last half year. Hopefully I am not stirring up 
a hornets nest. 

What about those Debian books published, what kind of "license" are
they using and what is the deal with the publisher? I'm asking to know 
if it is OK to use parts of those books on DDP. And why are they not
part of DDP already?

Tapio Lehtonen
PGP public key from http://www.iki.fi/Tapio.Lehtonen

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