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RE: Tempo (fwd)

Martin Wheeler <mwheeler@startext.co.uk> Wed, Sept 01, 1999 2:01 PM
> On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Oliver Elphick wrote:
> > 
> > ------- Forwarded Message
> > 
> > From:    "brian" <bwarsing@canadafilm.com>
> > Subject: Tempo
> > Debian Documentation is too slow.
> > Why?
> -- because most humans have a natural proclivity to freeload from
> other members of society rather than contribute to the common weal.
> Less freeloading; more contributing: would speed things up.

What do you mean by 'slow'?

Slow to appear?  Yes, that is true, see more at end of this message.
Slow to find?    Ditto.
Slow to use?     Could you be more specific?

> > GNU wants people to use the distribution but is unable to provide =
> > distribution specific information.
> > Why?
> [ see previous remark ]

It is not for GNU to provide, it is for Debian to do it.
Of course, GNU could provide a link at appropriate places
if currently missing.

> > And where can I find Info on how to install, configure, etc. new
> > packages/programs on Debian???  The documents on 'dpkg' are 
> > atrociously verbose and technical.

What have you read? Have you read the installation manual?
What other documents? Where you have tried to find them?

While state of documentation is not good there *is* some,
but it is difficult improve on non-specific info.
(This is basically the same problem you are experiencing, but
other way round.)

- suggestions to write some
- example of demand and supply being basically the
  same but on different levels

Actually there are available guides on the level you ask.
Some is reachable from the web or in the freshly installed
machine. Some of it is just too difficult to find.

Two things are needed:
- ideas where to put it so that finding it would be easier
- hard work of finding material and making it available
- more hard work to revise it when Debian evolves
- still more hard work to co-ordinate all the effort that is
  out there

(Two things? Yes, that's binary arithmetic: counting stops at two.)

Documentation is even more difficult than building systems,
since it requires more co-ordination of that sort that doesn't
'just happen naturally'.


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