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Re: Tempo (fwd)

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Oliver Elphick wrote:
> ------- Forwarded Message
> From:    "brian" <bwarsing@canadafilm.com>
> Subject: Tempo

> Debian Documentation is too slow.
> Why?

-- because most humans have a natural proclivity to freeload from
other members of society rather than contribute to the common weal.
Less freeloading; more contributing: would speed things up.

> GNU wants people to use the distribution but is unable to provide =
> distribution specific information.
> Why?

[ see previous remark ]

> And where can I find Info on how to install, configure, etc. new =
> packages/programs on Debian???  The documents on 'dpkg' are atrociously =
> verbose and technical.

You've obviously found some information.
But not at the level *you* would like.
So -- would you care to write your own version to share with others who
need the same level of non-verbosity and technical simplicity?
It would be appreciated -- by them, and by others.

(Of course, if you'd prefer to devote your writing time to
producing whingeing letters ... )

> All I want to know is how to install/uninstall programs without making a =
> mess.

"Yeah; I had the same problem with Unix systems administration.
All I wanted to know was how to administer a Unix system; but people kept
snowing me under with all this guff about command lines, shells and
directories, and users and compilers and libraries and stuff. That's not
what I want. I just wanna know how to run a Unix system."

A suggestion -- have you tried www.microsoft.com?
They specialize in pre-digested pap for button-pushers -- no questions
asked; no questions answered.

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