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The DDP and the LDP


	What is the relationship, if any between the Debian Documentation
project and the Linux Documentation Project? I know that the DDP handles
Debian specific documentation, but sometimes there is nothing Debian
specific to document about. Is there a formal link between the two

	Some of the older HOWTO's need some serious updating. It would be
a shame to lose documentation that was good at one point, just because
there are no maintainers to help out the LDP. Would it be a faux-pas to
put the maintenance of these HOWTO's on our list of things to do in order
to improve Debian? After all, we _do_ distribute the HOWTO's as

	Admittedly, having the want-to-be maintainers contact the LDP
would be the right thing to do. But Debian seems to have a lot more people
wanting to join it than the LDP, so maybe, we should because we could.


A successful [software] tool is one that was used to do something
undreamed of by its author.
		-- S. C. Johnson

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