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Re: [New maintainer] Working for Debian is not just about packages


	Today seems to be my day for misreading things. Once you pointed
it out, I reread your message and was amazed that I read "These days" as
"three days" repeatedly.


	As I read your description, the job really entails three parts :
infrasture maintenance, coordination (aka "gently chasing"), and keeping
track of what goes on outside Debian so that one has a good idea of what
"Existing docs need to be packaged".	

	At the moment, I dont know anything about CVS, so that is
something I'd have to read up on before I can start maintaining the CVS

	As for the last one, I do read debian-devel, debian-user (a quick 
glance), debian-boot, linux-newbie, and linux-kernel (a quick glance). So
I think I am pretty much plugged in. If you dont think so, let me know.
But I would like to know (as an example), what are some of the existing
docs that havent been packaged as yet. I was under the impression that the
Debian developers have been doing a pretty good job of documentation with
the packages. 

	And as for the present time, is there some work I can offload from
you right now?


PS. I have some questions on the LDP and the DDP. But I'll start a new
thread for that.

A successful [software] tool is one that was used to do something
undreamed of by its author.
		-- S. C. Johnson

On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Oliver Elphick wrote:

> Jor-el wrote:
>   >Oliver,
>   >
>   >	I would like to do the job, but your "three days" rather concerns
> ?? I think you misread "these days" as "three days" ??
>   >me. I wont be able to guarantee 24 manhours a week to the job. In fact
>   >eight hours is more like it. You are the best judge of whether eight hours
>   >a week would make the grade.
> That's a lot more than I can give it!
>   >	Let me know.
>   >
>   >	Of course, your email didnt really explain what exactly does the
>   >job entail. You mentioned coordination and documentation, but didnt give
>   >any examples.
> Really, the job is what you make it.  I got started by building the
> structure that allows updates to happen twice-daily through CVS.  What I
> would do now, if I had the time, is to get a grand plan agreed on
> debian-doc and then find people to do the bits of it.  Those who have 
> taken on bits in the past need gently chasing.  Existing docs need to be
> packaged.
> Then whatever else you can dream up, provided you keep a consensus in
> the debian-doc list.

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