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Re: Notes for DDP writers

Josip, are you willing to step up and help me take care of this?  I
would like someone basically to handle the Makefiles for the
installation of the DDP materials into the www.debian.org website.

James Treacy has been kind enough to give me access to the
www.debian.org areas on master, *and* to the WebML CVS archives.

Using WebML (and, basically, embedded Perl) I can really easily
dynamically look for what manuals are installed, insert their title
(from the SGML file), and even the last modified date.  So I don't
think we need to manually maintain the index file (like we do with the
DDP pages).

What I'd like from you is to deal with:

  * deciding which documents ought to be available as a Debian
    package, and then posting this list on debian-doc so people can
    step up and package them

  * decide which documents ought to be published via the 'make
    PREFIX=/org/www.debian.org/debian.org/doc/manuals' (or whatever)
    in manuals.sgml method to the web site; you can make a Make
    variable like SUBDIRS and set that to your publishable subset

  * decide any remaining issue about the paths of the HTML (and
    ASCII?) output of the files 

At this point I'd like to check over your work, and then we can
install the stuff into the official site.  I think James would be
happy to give you write access to the proper subdir in
/org/www.debian.org/debian.org on master.

Can you step up to this?  I really don't have the time.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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