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Re: Install manual, Finnish translation STARTED

>>>>> "Ardo" == Ardo van Rangelrooij <avrangel@flevonet.nl> writes:
Ardo> One only needs to look out for name clashes between the various
Ardo> chapters of both documents, but that's just a matter of using a
Ardo> unique prefix in each document in the 'id=""'s of the chapters.
Ardo> Then there's only the problem with the footnote.html files which
Ardo> currently are named as such.  I think this all calls for a
Ardo> 'prefix' PI indicating the prefix to be used for the names of
Ardo> the various .html files.  This also has the advantage of not
Ardo> having to put this prefix in all the 'id=""'s of the chapters.

Wait, if we have basename, why would we need prefix?

So if basename is 'dir/foo', and my chapter id is 'bar', and my
extension is 'html', the URL for the output would be
'dir/foo-bar.html', right?  Footnotes could be in
'dir/foo-footnotes.html' -- why not?

If the basename is just 'dir/' (trailing slash needed!) and the other
stuff is the same, the output would be 'dir/bar.html' and
'dir/footnotes.html'.  Sound good?

The intention here is that *fewer* variable are better.  You've
flattenned Norm Walsh's three variables (dir, basename, top-filename,
and, uh, even %use-id-in-filename) to two variables, which is better.

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