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Re: Install manual, Finnish translation STARTED

Adam Di Carlo <aph@debian.org> writes:

> >>>>> "Ardo" == Ardo van Rangelrooij <avrangel@flevonet.nl> writes:
> Ardo> I prefer to make this more general, i.e. usable for other
> Ardo> formats as well, and propose:
> Ardo>     basename -- base filename without extension; for HTML this
> Ardo> would be the basename of the directory to put the file in and
> Ardo> for the other formats the basename of the target file
> Ardo>     topname -- name for the top-level file without extension and
> Ardo> only used for HTML (for now at least)
> Hurm.  I think this scheme is fine; I'm not sure exactly how basename
> and topname interacts.  For instance if my basename is 'doc-out/foo',
> would my topname be 'doc-out/index' or 'index' ?

Basename is the name of the directory, in this case 'doc-out'.
Topname is just the name of the top file without directory, in this
case 'foo'.  If no topname is specified, it would default to 'index'.

> Could you suppress the creation of index.[LANG.]html entirely?
> Suppose you have two documents, foo.sgml and bar.sgml, and you want to
> have foo.html and bar.html in the same dir, co-existing...

Yes.  In foo.sgml specify basename name as 'same dir' and topname as
'foo', and in bar.sgml specify the same basename and topname as 'bar'.

One only needs to look out for name clashes between the various
chapters of both documents, but that's just a matter of using a unique
prefix in each document in the 'id=""'s of the chapters.  Then there's
only the problem with the footnote.html files which currently are
named as such.  I think this all calls for a 'prefix' PI indicating
the prefix to be used for the names of the various .html files.  This
also has the advantage of not having to put this prefix in all the
'id=""'s of the chapters.

> Ardo> For the ultimate flexibility we could even provide an
> Ardo> 'extension' PI with appropriate defaults (see below).
> I like this idea.

Note that we need one PI per format to indicate the respective extension.

> Ardo> Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes: 
> >> I think you should keep the *default* naming semantics just as they
> >> are in potato.  Add a switch for debiandoc2* to use LANG naming.
> >> Add support for these PIs above, or alternatively, the equivalent
> >> as flags to the programs.
> Ardo> Then I would like to take this even one step further and provide
> Ardo> both with the flags overwriting the PIs.  For the flags I
> Ardo> propose
> Ardo>     -c -- content-negotiation -b -- basename -t -- topname -e --
> Ardo> extension
> Yes -- if it would help get the first version out, it might be easier
> to just skip the PIs for now?  Your call.

I agree it's easier to test the mechanism that way.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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