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Debian book suggestions

Before christmas I accepted responsibility for the
Debian book suggestions list. Since then I haven't
had plenty of time, but	I shall now try to get the
ball rolling during next week.

I intend to accept contributions both by email and
from a web form. Since it's been three years since
I did my first and only cgi script, I'd appreciate
if someone could help with this.

Here is my proposed structure. Comments are heartily

Four major sections:
	* Related to computers
	* Related to UNIX
	* Related to Linux/Hurd/whatever_we_do_next
	* Related to Debian

At first I was very happy with this, but I don't think
it looks that good any more. I'd like to hear both if
people have other ideas or can reassure me that this is OK.

I'm also unsure whether a category with such a wide scope
as the first is appropriate. I can recommend many good
computer books not specifically related to UNIX, and
although I think a good number of debianers could be
interested I'm not sure if the list could become too big.

Each book can have the following fields (* = optional):


The decription is supposed to be a short and objective summary
of the contents.

A book may have several opinions attached to it, and they can
be subjective to a certain degree. I will naturally filter away
outright abuse of the author and similar.

...Unix, MS-DOS, and MS Windows (also known as the Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly).                                       (Matt Welsh)
olet@ifi.uio.no   [-: .elOle. :-]   olet@debian.org

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