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Re: Bug#33886: debiandoc-sgml: issues with the new content-negotiation features

aph@debian.org writes:

> Now there's no clear way to turn *off* of the production of content-
> negotiated file names.  This is a problem.  I don't think it should be
> one by default (having it on by default breaks backwards compability).

Ok, I'll add a flag to turn on content-negotiation.

> Also, why does it only act that way with .html ? Content-negotiation
> can be used with *any* type of file, including PDF, text, etc.

Your bug report spoke only of web pages and HTML, hence ...

As I wrote in my reply regarding the language indicator in the source
file names, this omission is implicitly taken care of (although possibly
unwanted) in all formats if this language indicator is present in the
source file name.

So, we have to make a decision on how to proceed.  If we go for the
language indicator in the source file name, we could also have a flag
indicating to act upon this indicator and apply content negotiation,
otherwise to take the file name as is minus the .sgml part and check
the environment for the language setting (just as it is right now).

> (which reminds me that I would prefer .txt insteand of .txt, but oh
> well).

Having .txt instead of .text is no problem as far as I'm concerned.
How do the others on the mailing list think about this?  What do we do 
with .textov?

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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