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Install manual, finnish translation

Hello, some good news.

Translating Debian Install manual to finnish has gone faster than I
expected. It is now about 30% complete. I have translated in order
from the beginning up to section 3.4.4. "Virus Protection", and
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho translated those parts that I skipped.

There is now in the appendix finnish-english and english-finnish

I do not yet have official Debian Developer status (coming soon), but
I would like to get this partly translated version to CVS, and have it 
set up so the finnish version gets created at the same time as the
english. Perhaps 
	- we here in finland proofread what we have now,
	- Kaijanaho uploads it to cvs
	- somebody edits the makefiles 
	- we check the build process is OK

This way we get the automatic build working now and solve the issues
with multiple languages, so it is ready when the finnish translation
is complete and ready for the other languages. 

Things that have been done besides translating
	- I added two appendices, finnish-english and english-finnish 
	  dictionaries. The Makefile builds these from a file
	  with the english word and finnish translation on one line,
	  sorts both files and makes them into a debiandoc
	- I modified the *.ent files, to get the above dictionaries
	  and added url's to LinuxMCA (Debian on a MicroChannel
	  machine works OK).
	- I sent some fixes and questions about the original english
	  text. Reading carefully for the translation makes one
	  spot typos and not so clear parts. 
	- I have not yet even tried to translate the non i386 parts. I 
	  plan to skip them for now until i386 is ready.
	- The remaining 70% of the text is the original english
	  version. If I remove it, the SGML processing complains
	  about forward references, so I kept it to be able
	  to make the .text and .textov versions. 

Some silly questions:

Why do I get the following error message in Xemacs when parsing the
DTD? I remember that editing debiandoc in xemacs has worked previously
(so that I can from markup menu do instert element). It still works
for docbook, and I have not found what is wrong. 

External entity debiandoc not found
  Public identifier -//DebianDoc//DTD DebianDoc//EN

Are installation sizes for the default profiles now accurate? When
installing hamm, I noticed I needed two or three times the indicated
disk space to install succesfully. Seems the given sizes were too
small, and they did not account for the workspace needed during the

Tapio Lehtonen

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