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Re: Why and how to work with the LDP (was Re: Notes for DDP writers)

On Sun, Feb 14, 1999 at 02:50:11PM -0500, James A. Treacy wrote:
> Just two comments. First, documentation that needs portions added
> by different groups should be treated similar to how translations
> are done. The main group, LDP in this case, should only maintain
> truly distribution independent portions of documentation. The framework
> should allow the addition, either separately or in the same CVS,
> of sections that are particular to each distribution. The LDP
> should in no way take responsibility for the quality of these added
> sections.
> Second, we should offer CVS for the LDP so that everything is centralized.

I agree.  We should *try* (I still consider myself new to all of this
and I don't know how exactly the LDP works compared to the DDP and all
so I have no clue how to go about any of this) to combine all these efforts
(LDP & DDP & whatever else is out there) into a single effort where all
Linux based documentation is accessable via CVS by all maintainers.  Come
up with a structure (like we have for the most part in place for the
DDP).  The structure for the LDP as it would end up being would be 
Linux specific with tags to Debian (or other) specific information within
it.  (pretty much what has been brought up already)  So that say I as
a DDP maintainer would go into a pre-existing LDP document and add a tag
to Debian specific information which I would maintain in the same CVS tree
so that a Debian user would be able to easily click on the link for specific
information dealing with his or her system.  This would keep people from
duplicating effort and cut down on the amount of web surfing one would have
to do to find the information they need.

I agree that the LDP is extremly loosly slapped together (from a user standpoint
I can see this) and that alot of changes need to take place.  If we could
somehow coordinate and effort with them to come up with some guidelines of
how we can do this easily and effectivly I think it would be well worth all
of our time. 

Now the only things we need to do is get more people like Lars to be upset
about the dual effort and want to make a change. :)  


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