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Re: Will docbase find existing docreg files ?

Marco.Budde@hqsys.antar.com (Marco Budde) writes:
> Moin Yann!
> YD> The current layout, with all files in /usr/share/doc-base/ makes it
> YD> easy.  Menu does that too.
> This layout is broken. Please read the old postings.

Actually, it's irrelevant where the files are installed, so long as
there is a list of installed files somewhere.

> YD> The proposal of allowing to install them anywhere will end with any
> YD> docreg file installed before install-docs is available to be ignored
> YD> until the relevant packages are reinstalled or upgraded.  Note that
> YD> mime-support currently has the same problem with install-mime (and I
> YD> just file a bug-report for this).
> YD>
> YD> Or did I miss something ?
> Of course. I don#t see the problem.

You should.

> Please try dhelp_parse -r as example.  This option deletes the old
> databases and searches /usr/doc for .dhelp files.

That would be bad for the following reasons.

It assumes that (a) files are .dhelp files, (which is wrong), (b)
metadata is installed under /usr/doc (which is not required, and also
wrong, i.e., the local sysadmin should be able to maintain metadata
under /usr/local or /opt or whatever they feel like), and (c) that
metadata files are immediately recognizable by their filename, which
is currently not required, and (d) all recognizable docreg files are
meant to bbe installed (say, running 'locate .docreg' might turn up
files, say checked out copies from a cvs repository; obviously
checking in all files turned up by 'locate .docreg' would be

My solution is, as I said, to maintain a list of installed docreg
files in /var/state/metadata/docreg_files .  What maintains the list?
Well, install-docs does.  What if install-docs isn't installed?  Well
my solution was (a) make doc-base required (ick!) or (b) ship a tiny
replacement install-docs in, say, basefiles, such that it knows about
the install and remove actions and just manipulates this file and
nothing else, and the real install-docs would divert this file when
it's really installed, and process all those files.

The only other *reasonable* solution (No, Marco, your solution wasn't
reasonable) is to go back to /var/state/doc-base/docreg/* for all
docreg files.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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