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Re: Will docbase find existing docreg files ?

Am 08.08.98 schrieb ydirson # mygale.org ...

Moin Yann!

YD> The current layout, with all files in /usr/share/doc-base/ makes it
YD> easy.  Menu does that too.

This layout is broken. Please read the old postings.

YD> The proposal of allowing to install them anywhere will end with any
YD> docreg file installed before install-docs is available to be ignored
YD> until the relevant packages are reinstalled or upgraded.  Note that
YD> mime-support currently has the same problem with install-mime (and I
YD> just file a bug-report for this).
YD> Or did I miss something ?

Of course. I don#t see the problem. Please try dhelp_parse -r as example.  
This option deletes the old databases and searches /usr/doc for .dhelp  

This works without any problems.

cu, Marco

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