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Re^2: Debian Metadata Standard -- proposed

Am 05.08.98 schrieb md # linux.it ...

Moin Marco!

"MdI> think there is not enough support for foreign languages: just sticking
"MdI> to Latin-1 will cut out many, many, people, mostly russian and asian
"MdI> readers.

That#s right. We need the experience of these people.

"MdI> - use Unicode (probably UTF-7 encoded like the kernel does for ext2)
"MdI> and display it using the kernel console driver or a unicode xterm, or

That#s one problem. We will have several clients. For example dhelp uses  
WWW browsers. Most people don#t have experiences with unicode, so I don#t  
think that this is a good solution. And I don#t know if all WWW browser  
support unicode.

"MdI> - simply be 8 bit clean

I would prefer this solution at the moment. Does anybody know if strcmp  
supports locale? And how can I set the language, that should be used in a  
program. Is there any documentation?

"MdI> and put in EVERY field informations about the
"MdI> encoding used (it could be latin-1 for west european languages, KOI-8
"MdI> for russian, BIG-5 for chinese and so on) and program the user interface
"MdI> to convert the encoding to the one used by the console (this is not
"MdI> a trivial task).

This information shouldn#t be part of the docreg file. Every document has  
got a language and every language has got a char set. So a program like  
dhelp could read the Language: tag. Using this information the program  
knows that the informations uses Latin1.

A real important question: is it possible to show different char sets on  
one WWW page?

"MdI> (I think the first solution is the best and easier to implement.)

Where can I get informations about UTF-7?

cu, Marco

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