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Re: Programming Tutorial

On 28 Jun 1998, Ole J. Tetlie wrote:
> It seems that I and David Teague will collaborate on a
> programming chapter for the tutorial. We're a little unsure
> as to what should be covered.

What I was thinking was something targetted toward students taking CS-101
or the like; sort of, how to use Emacs/gcc/eg++/gdb as a programming
environment for C and C++. Maybe also mention Guile and Hugs, since Scheme
and Haskell are also popular CS languages.

However, there are many other possible audiences, including professional
programmers wanting to move to Linux; so there's no need to limit it to
(or even include) the student-oriented stuff. Whatever you guys think will
be interesting, useful, or fun to write.

I'd try to avoid describing the POSIX API, how to program, or anything
like that; there are good books on those topics, and this is only a
chapter. You want to cover how to get started programming on Linux; what
packages are needed, pitfalls, compiler flags, maybe deal with
automake/autoconf (I used automake for my CS homework assignments with
good results). You could perhaps go through a Hello World type example,
starting with a couple of bugs which you find using gdb. Assume there's an
intro to Emacs chapter already, and cover only the programming aspects of

If you want to write some kind of appendix as well that would be fine - it
can go at the end of the book, and wouldn't have to be in a tutorial

Feel free to use your judgment and disregard any of this - lots of issues
will become apparent as you write that won't be clear to any of us
speculating on the list. 


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