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Re: Debian User's Manual

"Oliver Elphick" <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:

> Adam P. Harris wrote:
>   >
>   >Robert, it's nice to see your working on the site.  However, Oliver's
>   >main point, as I read it, is that
>   >http://www.debian.org/developers_corner is orphaned, effectively. 
> I don't know about that one; I'm talking of
> http://fatman.mathematik.tu-muenchen.de/~schwarz/debian-doc/ and everything
> that it links to.  (Now that I look at its URL, I see that it is run by
> Christian Schwarz, who has left the project.  DDR needs a new home page
> site...)  In particular, the various manuals link to development versions
> and SGML source code at http://www.tip.nl/~t348902/DDP/.  These are where
> already submitted contributions should have gone and haven't.

The only contribution I ever received is from you, Oliver, but I
already replied to that in an another email.  So, basically you could
just take what's under http://www.tip.nl/~t348902/DDP/.  

>   > We
>   >need someone to step up the the plate and take that over.  Someone who
>   >has some time (probably not a ton of time), who is organized, who has
>   >thick skin (i.e., won't let a few flames bother them), who can
>   >interact with others and try to coordinate documentation efforts.
>   >
>   >Futhermore the whole DDP pages should be hosted off a .debian.org
>   >machine, and hopefully be mirrored around like anything in normal
>   >www.debian.org space.
>   >
>   >Any takers?  I'm too busy with work and the metadata project and my
>   >packages and hamm (soon over thank god!).
> If necessary, I will do it; however, the bit that I have been complaining of 
> is in Ardo's power...

As stated above, please go ahead and take what I've got under my DDP
home page.  That's all there is.  I assume you still have the original 
source of your contributed chapter. 

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