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Documentation co-ordinator's tasks

Since I have volunteered to take over the job of co-ordinator that has been
made vacant by Christian Schwarz's departure, I had better explain what I
think needs doing, so that you can all decide if you want me to do it.

1.  Move the DDP webpages onto a Debian machine (www.debian.org?); ask
    Christian to alter the page at his site to point to the new location.
    Add Havoc's Debian Tutorial to the pages.

2.  Move the documentation source onto a Debian machine.  Get from Ardo
    or have people resubmit any contributions they have already made
    and make sure that they are published.

3.  Make packages of the various manuals, as soon as they contain any
    reasonable amount of material.

4.  Arrange for people to be able to upload material and have it appear
    in the development version.

I'm not sure of the merits of using cvs to do this, because I think that
only the original author and the editor should be changing text.  Is it
possible to arrange cvs with limited permissions? [Each chapter owned by
its author, and in the documentation group; only the editors are group
members; all document sources have 664 permissions.] Ideally there
should be some kind of server that accepts submissions from authors,
incorporates them and runs a make of the HTML documentation, and (on
success) copies the HTML and SGML onto the website.

Any material submitted should either appear on the website or be rejected 
within a week.  Reasons for rejection would mainly be that the SGML fails
to generate output; other circumstances are conceivable but would (I hope)
never arise!

Any errors in content should become apparent if submissions are published.
If an author fails to correct an error quickly, I would expect to do it
myself, to avoid misleading readers.  If any dispute arises, it would
ultimately go to the Technical Committee.
Oliver Elphick                                Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk
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      the world. If any man love the world, the love of the 
      Father is not in him."            I John 2:15 

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