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Re: cvs repository for doc-base

On 28 Apr 1998, Adam P. Harris wrote:

> Since we are working collarboratively, I would like to utilize the
> client/server CVS setup on cvs.debian.org and have myself (user 'aph')
> setup as an administrator for the doc-base repository.  I actually
> currently manage the package in cvs locally (although since I have a
> dynamic PPP dialup, that's not appropriate for multiple users).

It is done. You have /cvs/doc-base for your use. There is a doccvs group
that people who you want to be 'writers' should be added to. (Email me
about that)
Anon pserver access is available with a cvs root of

You can copy your doc-base module from your repository at home directly
into /cvs/doc-base - please do not overwrite the CVSROOT directory. Be
sure you get the correct group and owner ships, all dirs must be
g+rws,u+rw,o,-w and all files should be ugo-w.

ssh is likely the best way to access the repository, see the cvs man page
for more info.


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