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Re^4: dhelp directory structure

Am 14.04.98 schrieb aj # azure.humbug.org.au ...

Moin Anthony!

AT> =46rom this vantage point, it seems to me that Christian is looking more
AT> for a way of indexing documents (why would someone be looking for this
AT> document= ?),
AT> while Marco is looking more for a way of arranging them (which order
AT> should I put these documents in for ease of browsing?).

No, I think we have only different ways for the same purpose.

AT>         Debian
AT>         Programming
AT>         Debian Development
AT>         Day to Day Use
AT>         System Administration ----> User Administration
AT>                                     Security
AT>                                ,----Networking=20
AT>                               |     Filesystem Management
AT>                               V     Device Management
AT>                       Using PPP
AT>                       Using SLIP
AT>                       Using ISDN
AT>                       Using Cable-modems
AT>                       Routing -------------> IP Masq Howto
AT>                                              ipfwadm manpage
AT>                                              route manpage
AT>                                              ...

And you think that is a good idea? Hm. In most cases it#s difficult to  
find something, if you use to many subdirectories. For example I find it  
diffcult to find something on a lot of commerical WWW server (Adobe for  

AT> generic categories like that is a good way of finding things. Some
AT> explanation of what the categories *mean* might be useful.

That#s what the tag SectionTitle is for. dhelp uses this already. We#re  
talking only about the directories at the moment and not about the  

AT> I'd expect something like a system wide default language and then a choice
AT> box to choose a different language if desired, rather than having to=20
AT> choose a language explicitly for each document. Is this possible?

No, because most browsers doesn#t support the prefered language system of  
HTTP. And your solution would not work: as German user I would like to be  
able to read the English *and* the German version of a HOWTO for example,  
because the German translation is maybe out of date.

At the moment dhelp creates a root directory for each installed language:


AT> In the indexing scheme, having the same document referenced from multiple

What do you mean with indexing?

AT> places is perfectly natural --

No. Look at the WWW server.

AT> the FSSTND would be included under both "Debian development" and=20
AT> "administration", and so forth.

I don#t see any connection of FSSTND to Debian or to admin. This should go  
to "standards" for example.

AT> A searching utility, and a by-package listing would then only need to be
AT> used when you want to clarify points, much like the original purpose of
AT> man.


cu, Marco

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