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2. suggestion for a new .dhelp/.dwww-index etc.

I would suggest the following file format:

  Document: text? Starts a new document
  Title/Linkname: very short title (< 20-30 characters)
  Section: HOWTO
  Lang: de (opt.)
  SectionTitle: Section Title for special sections (opt.)
  Abstract: Line 1 (opt./may include HTML <tags>)
   Line 2
   Line 3

  Format: HTML (std.), PS, debiandoc-sgml, linuxdoc-sgml, etc.
  File: foo1.html (relative path to the position of this file)

  Format: debiandoc-sgml
  File: foo1.sgml.gz

  Document: foo2
  Title/Linkname: foo2 doc
  Section: HOWTO
  Abstract: This is the foo2 doc.

  Format: HTML
  File: foo1.html (only the root file is registered!)

The should be in /usr/doc/<foo>/.docreg

cu, Marco

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