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Re: Planning an Italian manual

Terry Dawson <terry@perf.no.itg.telstra.com.au> writes:

> Christian Leutloff wrote:
> > Can you please have a look on DocBook!? I encourage to switch to the
> > DocBook DTD because it is very well designed. This DTD is used by many
> > companies for their system documentation. Look at
> > http://www.ora.com/davenport/ for more information about the founders
> > of DocBook. (And this DTD is actively maintained).
> I support this view. I'm in the middle of a major project using the
> DocBook DTD, having used the LinuxDoc DTD for many years for my HOWTO
> work. I'm really very impressed by the DocBook DTD and by Norm Walsh's
> style sheets.

> Christian,
> Do you how to generate indexes ? It is one thing to have your
> <indexterm>'s in place, do you know how to actual cause an
> index to be rendered?

hmm, no. But it shouldn't be to difficult to let TeX/Word do that work
... On the other hand as the toc is generated from the stylesheets it
should be very similar to create various indexes, i.e. for each
mentionend command.


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