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Re: Planning an Italian manual


Michele Dalla Silvestra <dalla@pluto.linux.it> writes:

> I'm planning to make an Italian manual about Debian, for now covering
> base aspect of Linux, installation, base administration and use of a
> Debian system. Does it can be inserted in the Debian Documentation
> Project?

Great idea!  Another step in making Debian accessible by even more

We already have an installation manual (which is currently under
revision) and there's also a user's tutorial being written.  Maybe
it's a good idea to work on translating them? 

> Probabily it will also be inserted in another documentation project:
> Italian Linux Documentation Project, http://www.pluto.linux.it/ildp
> I've started with base structure and used debiandoc-sgml. With
> debiandoc-sgml is possible to add tables, figures and index? Is
> planned some internationalization, like "chapter"->"capitolo"?

Yes, internationalization is definitely planned.  I'm the maintainer
of the debiandoc-sgml tool and this is one of the first things to be
done soon. 

> Otherwise should I use sgmltools?

Within the Debian Documentation Project debiandoc-sgml is the official
SGML package.  So, if you want it to be inserted in the DDP, there's
no choice. 

> ciao
> 					Michele


Ardo van Rangelrooij
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