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Re: need volunteer for dpkg manpage

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:

> > It would be nice if we could have a volunteer for this. I'm sure, every
> > user would thank you for that. (And don't tell me you're not good in
> > writing documentation ;-)
> I am willing to take a shot at this, for the sole sake of getting rid of
> old bugs.


> Should I join the Debian Documentation Project? I already joined the
> debian-doc mailing list. I am currently not a developer, but I am
> willing to become one. 

By subscribing to debian-doc, you already became a member of our project! 
:-) (And if you write some nice manual pages now, you will become honorary
member, too! ;-)

You don't need to become registered Debian developer for writing
documentation unless you want to upload and maintain some packages. (A lot
of orphaned packages are around. You're always welcomed to adopt some of
these. But IMHO, the dpkg manual pages are more important than some of
these packages for now :) 



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