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Re: Bug#1526: need volunteer for dpkg manpage

On Wed, 04 Feb 1998 18:09:57 +0100 Remco Blaakmeer 
(remco@blaakmeer.student.utwente.nl) wrote:

> > This is what's to do:
> > 
> >    1. Update dpkg(8) manpage
> >    2. Update dselect(8) manpage
> >    3. Split dpkg-source(1) manpage into several pages (one for each
> >       command)
> >    4. Send new manpages to Klee to get it into the next dpkg release
> I am willing to take a shot at this, for the sole sake of getting rid of
> old bugs. However, I am totally new to writing man pages and especially to
> utilities like troff and groff. Are there HOWTO documents, web pages or
> other information I should read? Should I join the Debian Documentation
> Project? I already joined the debian-doc mailing list. I am currently not
> a developer, but I am willing to become one.

"man 7 man" should get you started.
Any manpage should give you conventions (what should be bold, italic, sectionning, etc...)


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