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small tutorial progress

 After a lot of time doing other things, I've started converting the
LDP Users' Guide to SGML, making small changes while I'm at it, and
pasting chunks of it into the tutorial skeleton. It's at
if anyone wants to have a look. But it ain't exciting yet. :)

 If anyone would like to write some of the many unwritten sections, or
edit/fact-check the existing ones, go right ahead. Be forewarned that
some sections will be insta-written as I convert the LDP guide, so you
may want to avoid those. Email me if in doubt. Also, many of the
topics might be moved to the installation manual or other manuals at a
later date, but it still can't hurt to write them.

 To my knowledge no one else is actively working on this right now, so
I'm just doing my own thing. If I'm wrong and someone is maintaining a
different version please let me know.

 Havoc Pennington

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