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Re: internationalisation/skeleton was Re: another user manual chapter

Christian Leutloff <leutloff@sundancer.oche.de> writes:

> Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo.van.rangelrooij@tip.nl> writes:
> > Note that there will be two documentation policies: one for Debian
> > documantation itself and one for the DDP.
> Where's the difference!?

Well, if I understand things correctly (Christian S.: please correct
me if I'm wrong), the first one is about which types of documentation
we have within Debian, where they should be stored, the preferred
formats, etc., in other words everything about the documentation
coming with the packages.  The other one is about how we within the
DDP handle uploads, style guide, etc., in other words everything
specific for the documentation written within DDP. 

> Bye
>   Christian



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