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Re: another user manual chapter

On 16 Dec 1997, Ardo van Rangelrooij wrote:
> I further propose to split the user's manual into a separate tutorial
> (your "Part 1") and a separate reference guide (your "Part 2").  This
> way the former can stay more or less stable while we can easy add
> chapters to the latter, or even split it up in dedicated parts, one
> for programming, one for document preparation and text processing,
> etc.  Further, when e.g. GNU Hurd is "Debianized" we could have a
> tutorial for it ready without having to write one from scratch, while
> the reference guide could be used without needing much adaptation at
> first. 

Much less confusing than "Part 1" and "Part 2" - definitely makes

> This also should make it feasible to have the tutorial ready when
> Debian 2.0 is released which will be early next year.  I certainly
> don't intent to push us to have it ready at all cost, but it's a goal
> worthwhile striving for, I think. 

That would be really nice. Perhaps we should make a timeline with
some sub-deadlines to keep ourselves on track? Or would that be too much
like work? ;)

> I also like your idea of having a small team writing the tutorial,
> since you're right is all kinda interrelated and somewhat difficult to
> split up in clearly defined pieces. 
> So, unless someone has objections we should start working on this as
> soon as possible. 

What do we do first? Should we start writing up an outline?


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