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Re: changes to the FAQ


On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> Then, we have copies at
>       doc-debian                          version 1997-11-28

This is really a repackaged "01 May 1997". I did absolutely no changes
in the FAQ directory yet (I just cleaned up debian/rules and made it

>       www.debian.org                      (don't know)
>       fatman, DDP home-page               version 01 May 1997
>       ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/FAQ/
>                              ps           version 01 May 1997
>                              html         version 01 May 1997
> 		               txt          version 28 December 1996
>                              info         (unknown)
> Susan, can you comment on this? 
> Santiago, I remember that you wanted to do some improvements on the FAQ.
> If so, it would be nice if you could fix the package so that all formats
> are actually uploaded to ftp.debian.org, too. (From the above, it looks
> like the txt file hasn't been updated last time.)

Sven had a rule in FAQ/Makefile to upload to ftp.debian.org, but I don't
know exactly how it works (there was a `tweaked' directory I fail to
understand). Could somebody enlighten me?

I think it should be ok to extract everything from the current binary
package. Currently there is almost nothing to do, since version
"01 May 1997" is almost everywhere.

I will try to incorporate the changes pointed out by James A. Treacy for
1.5.1 as soon as I can.

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