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Re: Please test apt-listchanges 4.0 in experimental

Le dim. 8 oct. 2023 à 17:27, Jonathan Kamens <jik@kamens.us> a écrit :
> I'd appreciate some testing from folks here before it gets promoted to unstable.
I got important NEWS from libx11 from .... 2006 (?)
so far so good for the rest.

> the database needs to be populated with data for existing packages during upgrades
Having a "solid" .timer forever for a single-time task seems a bit too much.
Could this be done a different way with "systemd-run"
or a .timer generated in /run/systemd/system ?

> * Code cleanup and improvement, including `flake8' and `pylint'
>   compatibility, (some) unit tests, and adherence to newer standards and
>   best practices.

Can annotations/mypy testing be considered now "best practices" for
Debian native packages ?

I see that testing of apt-listchanges would benefit from having
python3-debconf typed first.

I personally find annotations very usefull when handing over old, big codebases
to some new team who doesn't have the expected input type of function
in their head.
It also helps clean-up things that were jurry rigged for python2+3
compatibility. (bytes/str...)

I'm tempted to add for myself a RSS generator to apt-listchanges
on a private branch and see where it goes,
but would first would like it to be typed.


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