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Re: Bug email is not getting to me

On Sunday, September 25, 2022 3:49:37 P.M. CDT Geert Stappers wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 03:42:40PM -0500, Steven Robbins wrote:

> > I just noticed today that this applies even to responses that apparently
> > directly CC my debian address; e.g. https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/
> > bugreport.cgi?bug=1020397;msg=10
> > 
> > I literally searched my mail logs for the Message-ID in question and it is
> > not reported.  So it appears to have been hung up somewhere.  How can I
> > debug this?
> > 
> > I have sent a test email to my debian address and it came through.  So I
> > think email is normally being delivered.  Just not from bug reports.
> Who is running the incoming mail server?

The mail server is run by my ISP (shaw.ca).  Using fetchmail, I pick up the 
email via IMAP and send it into my local server.  So in my original message 
when I said I had checked the logs -- it was my local server logs.

To re-iterate: mail sent today to my debian address from outside debian came 
through OK.  Mail sent from bugs.debian.org apparently does not.  I think if 
there were any issue with the incoming email server (e.g. the DMARC thing that 
Andrea Pappacoda referenced) that would affect all email to me at debian, 
wouldn't it?


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