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Bug email is not getting to me


When I first started with Debian many many years ago, I would routinely see 
email for bug reports submitted against packages I maintain, and responses to 
said bugs.  Nowadays I get essentially none of that.  The only way I see such 
responses is by perusing bugs via the web interface -- which I do infrequently 
so messages languish.

I may have missed when something changed over the years.  Is there something I 
must do to get bugs.debian.org to reliably send me email?

I just noticed today that this applies even to responses that apparently 
directly CC my debian address; e.g. https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/

I literally searched my mail logs for the Message-ID in question and it is not 
reported.  So it appears to have been hung up somewhere.  How can I debug 

I have sent a test email to my debian address and it came through.  So I think 
email is normally being delivered.  Just not from bug reports.


P.S.  This has been happening for months if not years.  It's just that I 
haven't been motivated to ask the question until now.

P.P.S.  I don't subscribe to any debian lists, so it is appreciated to 
directly cc me in replies.

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