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Re: Proposed MBF: wxwidgets3.2 transition

On Thu, 15 Sep 2022, Andreas Metzler wrote:

On 2022-09-13 Scott Talbert <swt@techie.net> wrote:

wxWidgets 3.2 (a new API/ABI stable release) has been released a few months
ago and is now packaged in unstable as wxwidgets3.2.  Upstream has stopped
supporting wxWidgets 3.0, so the Debian wx team would like to migrate all wx
package users to wxwidgets3.2 for bullseye, with the plan to remove
wxwidgets3.0 before release.

For most packages, the transition should be as simple as changing
Build-Depends from libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-dev to libwxgtk3.2-dev.  Some packages
may require small patches; I'm happy to help with those (and I have some
already from working on this transition in Fedora already).

A successful build is no guarantee for a working packaging though. e.g.
hugin errs out immediately when built with the newer wxWidgets.

That is certainly true - and probably another good reason we don't use the single-dev-package approach.

Do you want help with those errors?


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