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Re: Proposed MBF: wxwidgets3.2 transition

On Wed, 14 Sep 2022 16:00:32 -0400, Scott Talbert wrote:

> > libalien-wxwidgets-perl (.69+dfsg-4 uploaded to experimental.
> > 
> > Next step: check what libwx-perl [0] says and do a binNMU or sourceful
> > upload (it needs to switch from wxperl-gtk-3-0-5-uni-gcc-3-4 to
> > wxperl-gtk-3-2-0-uni-gcc-3-4).
> > 
> > Reviews of the packaging changes welcome.
> Thanks!  Looks fine, other than a Build-Depends on wx-common isn't necessary
> - libwxgtk3.2-dev will pull that in.

Thanks for the review and the email!

I noticed that wx-common gets pulled in, I just thought that it's
"cleaner" to have an explicit build dependency on wx-common as we are
using wx-config.

But if this is an internal implementation detail of the wx* packages
and we can be sure that we always get wx-config when we install
libwxgtk*-dev I'm happy to remove the build dependency.


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