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Re: Proposed MBF: wxwidgets3.2 transition

On 2022-09-15 Scott Talbert <swt@techie.net> wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Sep 2022, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> > A successful build is no guarantee for a working packaging though. e.g.
> > hugin errs out immediately when built with the newer wxWidgets.

> That is certainly true - and probably another good reason we don't use the
> single-dev-package approach.

> Do you want help with those errors?

Hello Scott,

thanks for the offer, upstream has been uite helpful. However something
else came up:
| After starting up, klicking on [Preview
| Panorama (OpenGL)] yields an error (and nothing else:
| ----------
| Error initializing GLEW
| Fast preview window cannot be opened.
| ----------
| with this message on the console:
| ERROR: 14:13:49.978869 (./src/hugin1/hugin/GLViewer.cpp:133) SetUpContext(): Error initialising GLEW: Unknown error.
| Klicking on [Preview Panorama (OpenGL)] again succeeds.

Upstream pointed me to hugin documentation which says:
Note: On Linux wxWidgets 3.1.5 and later is by default compiled with EGL
support for the wxGLCanvas class. In this case you need to activate EGL
support explicitly also in GLEW, otherwise there are crashes when
intializing the wxGLCanvas.

Afaict from looking at Debian's glew 2.2.0 it is indeed built without
EGL support (debian/rules does not use SYSTEM=...-egl).

cu Andreas
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