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Re: transition to usrmerge to start around 2022-09-15 (next Thursday)

On Sun, 11 Sep 2022 11:08:44 -0400, Marvin Renich <mrvn@renich.org>
>* Ansgar <ansgar@debian.org> [220910 09:37]:
>> the transition to usrmerge as described in [1] is planned to start
>> around 2022-09-15 (next Thursday).
>> We will send an announcement to debian-devel-announce@ once the upload
>> to unstable happens.
>What is the point in waiting until after the upload to send to
>debian-devel-announce?  I would think that most users running
>testing/unstable would want prior notice, and you shouldn't assume that
>all users will read their mail before performing a routine
>update/upgrade cycle on the morning after the upload.  I don't think
>everyone running testing/unstable reads debian-devel, so I think it
>would be appropriate to send to -announce at least one (two?) day(s)
>before the upload.

And, is there a solution for the existing conflict with the dpkg

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