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Re: Re: Need a buildd build after trip through NEW -- best practice?

On Thu, 2022-09-01 at 08:45 -0500, Steven Robbins wrote:

> OK, so let's call it "bin nmu", then.  And add the "+bN" version
> suffix.

As others said, binNMUs exist, but not for arch:all packages. Debian
doesn't yet have sourceful no-change rebuilds, so you have to manually
do a sourceful no-change upload (or a regular upload). Ubuntu does tho.

dch supports the --rebuild option for this, but only on Ubuntu systems.

> This would clearly be optimal.  I'm just asking about an additional /
> alternative mechanism.

Yeah, we need sourceful no-change rebuilds in addition to NEW
discarding. The first step would be updating dch to support this,
after that the infrastructure can be updated, although I guess the
infra could reimplement what `dch --rebuild` does instead. This still
needs a volunteer to implement it, so far we have none to do that.



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