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Re: Re: Need a buildd build after trip through NEW -- best practice?

On Thu, Sep 01, 2022 at 08:45:06AM -0500, Steven Robbins wrote:
> > > Specficially: in the case of a NEW binary upload, could a manual request
> > > be
> > > implemented (pick a different name if "give back" is not suitable) such
> > > that it is thrown away and replaced by a buildd build?
> > 
> > If you are suggesting the ability for dak to replace binaries already
> > in the archive with different content without a new source version,
> > then I don't think that should be implemented for Debian at least,
> > since our archive is meant to only contain immutable package files.
> OK, so let's call it "bin nmu", then.  And add the "+bN" version suffix.
Have you seen <f914c58ce37a6474c8d8473ef59590e6fe9fdf8b.camel@debian.org>
and <YwaV6RhnDqCfSmrx@ramacher.at>?
(and <YwxdMWGBI9CQ9Lch@belkar.wrar.name>)


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