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Re: Q: systemd-timer vs cron

On Mon, 14 Mar 2022 09:29:56 +0800, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
>The cron feature of sending the output via email by default isn't
>possible to get easily with systemd timers or systemd-cron, unless you
>modify every single timer to manually send email or use systemd-cron
>and have every single timer fail.

This is something that has been hindering migrations since I was
young: People identify one feature that is going away as vitally
important to them and use that to reject the movement, even if it's an
advance in sum. See NAT or DHCP for IPv6.

>Having everything in one file makes them more convenient to edit.

Same ;-)

>Being able to implicitly share environment variables between groups of
>crontab lines is more convenient.

Since Lennart seems to have decided not to get rid of the
EnvironmentFile setting, that can be replaced.

>Figuring out if there native systemd equivalents for features I've
>implemented manually, such as the lock and sleep times to ensure system
>load isn't high due to running everything at once or disabling jobs
>when the network isn't online.

I think that the equivalent of cron.daily in systemd timers would make
excessive use of start point randomization, that is going to take care
of load spikes. Additionally, it will take care of load spikes in VM
environments (see 07:35 when all machines begin their cron.daily
simultaneously). Migrating to more randomized times of daily runs is
also going to expose the case where certain cron jobs depend on each
other and only work if they're executed in exact order.

>Spending the time to migrate everything.

Yes, that's a point. Would it be an alternative to spend time on cron
and cronie patching and packaging?

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