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debian 11 Bullseye RC 1


I just successfully installed bullseye RC 1 on my Asus notebook model
X200CA. Everything is working. If you are looking for a notebook to
run Debian I highly recommend this model.

I installed Bullseye RC 1 on my new HP Pavillion 15-eh0097nr laptop.
The AMD Ryzen 4700 is a work horse but the integrated graphics don't
work. The WiFi does not work needs kernel 5.12. The bluetooth does not
work needs kernel 5.12. For now it will have to stay on Windows...
Boo.... If you are looking for a laptop to run debian I do not
recommend this model. I have Debian 11 RC 1 running in a virtual
machine with VirtualBox and almost everything works. I am not able to
mount my USB drive formatted to EXT4 and SDDM locks up and is
unresponsive after locking the screen for an extended period of time
requiring a reboot.

Can anyone suggest a WiFi USB adapter that works with debian? I have
purchased four from Amazon 2 AC 2 N and none of them work with
Bullseye. I want one that does not require building my own drivers and
has the drivers built into the Linux kernel. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to testing RC 2 when it is released.


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