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Re: debian 11 Bullseye RC 1

On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 07:27:48AM -0400, Timothy M Butterworth wrote:
> I just successfully installed bullseye RC 1 on my Asus notebook model
> X200CA. Everything is working. If you are looking for a notebook to
> run Debian I highly recommend this model.
> I installed Bullseye RC 1 on my new HP Pavillion 15-eh0097nr laptop.
> The AMD Ryzen 4700 is a work horse but the integrated graphics don't
> work. The WiFi does not work needs kernel 5.12. The bluetooth does not
> work needs kernel 5.12. 
It's not *that* surprising but can you provide more info (e.g. the links
saying these require 5.12)?

> Can anyone suggest a WiFi USB adapter that works with debian? I have
> purchased four from Amazon 2 AC 2 N and none of them work with
> Bullseye. I want one that does not require building my own drivers and
> has the drivers built into the Linux kernel. Any suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated.
If the only problem with the internal one is a too old kernel then
certainly installing a newer kernel (even building it manually) is better
than literally buying several devices...

> Looking forward to testing RC 2 when it is released.
If the hardware requires a kernel newer than 5.10 this likely won't change


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