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Re: debian 11 Bullseye RC 1

On Sat, 2021-05-29 at 07:27 -0400, Timothy M Butterworth wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a WiFi USB adapter that works with debian?

(Disclaimer: I'm the maintainer of the firmware-ath9k-htc package, and
ThinkPenguin, one of the vendors, has compensated me for my work.)

I suggest getting a wireless adapter that is Respects Your Freedom
certified by the Free Software Foundation to work with only free
software. You can see a list of those here:

These are guaranteed to work with fully free software and free

Most (all?) of the USB ones use the ath9k_htc chipset, and although
they're not yet working with the installer (#934822) or working out of
the box (#900171), they work if you install the firmware-ath9k-htc

Alternatively, you may reply to me privately if you're looking for
advice on how to hunt eBay for bargain ones, although then you're
taking a gamble of whether a device really has the chip inside it's
supposed to.

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