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Re: How to commit a new architecture like RISC-V

* zhangjialing:

> 在 2021/5/11 下午6:36, Helmut Grohne 写道:
>>   * What is the state of glibc support

> 2.28-10,patch can provide

There's been any port submission posted to libc-alpha.

By default, new ports use the current glibc ABI baseline (which would
now be glibc 2.34, which is still evolving during development).  It is
theoretically possible to back-date ABIs (so that a new port
contributed for, say, glibc 2.35 would use the 2.28 ABI baseline for
that architecture, as if it had been contributed during 2.28
development), but that needs some discussion with the glibc
developers.  If Debian adopts the 2.28 ABI but upstream does not,
Debian will experience an ABI break once the port is merged upstream.

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