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Epoch bump for kernelshark

Hi All,

Kernelshark had been part of trace-cmd (till now) and when it was
packaged for Debian the binary 'kernelshark' was packaged with a
version same as 'trace-cmd' and the 'kernelshark' version was ignored
even though it had its own version. The version in Jessie was supposed
to be v0.2 instead of v2.4.0 [1]. Now the upstream developers have
decided to move kernelshark to its own repo at [2] removing it from

And, as a result, upstream kernelshark is now at v2.0 but the Debian
packaged version is at v2.9.1 and I will need to add an epoch to the
version to package it directly from its new upstream repo.

Current version: 2.9.1-1
Proposed version: 1:2.0-1

[1]. https://sources.debian.org/src/trace-cmd/2.4.0-1/Makefile/#L6
[2]. https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/utils/trace-cmd/kernel-shark.git/


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